Is a PROCESS needed in software development?

"Product more important than documentation," says the Agile Manifesto. "We operate in a SCRUM way. We are interdisciplinary, self-organizing, we know our trade and our duty, so don't teach fathers to make babies," the teams say.

鉂撯潛鉂揅zy zatem w procesie powstawania oprogramowania potrzebny jest zidentyfikowany, opisany PROCES? Step by step, what does it take to produce software?

馃搶馃搶馃搶We are a software house, with years of experience. If it weren’t for an iterative process that is scalable to the needs of the project, but nevertheless defined, we probably wouldn’t be delivering large-scale, tailor-made solutions to customers’ needs. We have our own methodology, adapted over the years to the development of technology and the needs of clients, for working, developing software and running projects.

鉂椻潡鉂椻潡Yes, we respect the autonomy and self-organization of manufacturing teams. However, there are elements of the process, the tools and the way of doing things that we standardize. Which is also a convenience for the teams, because they don’t have to figure out how to work on their own.

馃攣A repeatable, standardized, defined manufacturing process lowers project risk.

馃搮Process with project pricing methodology allows us to accurately determine the cost and schedule of projects.

馃憯Customers know what products to expect at what times. Not only the software on review, but also the full technical documentation of the delivered software. This includes the design repository, including models in CASE tools, source code repositories and test scripts.

馃幆The established way of doing things also allows us to deliver quality products, and when quality drops (which we monitor on a regular basis), to quickly diagnose the place in the process that needs repair or fine-tuning.

馃啎Even if we are executing projects for new clients, we are building new solutions, acting in new ways, using our experience, which increases our courage to execute and explore new areas. Our experience also gives us the flexibility to adapt to customers’ needs.


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